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  • 1 on 1

    70 euros
  • Workout based on boxing & fitness exercises

    Lun, Mer, Ven

    15 euros
  • Mar, Jeu, Dim

    15 euros
  • You're 40 and whant to learn boxing? Today you can start at our gym.


    15 euros
  • Apply what you learned in training! Sparring will enhance your Boxing...

    Mer, Sam

    15 euros
  • Ladies in the camp!


    15 euros
  • In lack of endurance you search for improvement!


    15 euros
  • You always wanted to learn how to box? This is it! For Ladies only!

    15 euros
  • Master the basic technique of the Soviet Boxing School!

    Mar, Sam

    22 euros
  • After basics comes the real work!

    Lun, Jeu

    15 euros
  • No Boxing No Life! (Enkel voor gevorderden)

    Mar, Ven

  • Ready to spar, let's go!

    15 euros
  • Boxing against Parkinson's

    Mar, Ven

Parkiboks boek


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